King Lear

Characters' last lines can be interesting in general, and Lear's last lines have sparked quite a lot of controversy among literary critics and fans over the years. Check out this blog and its ensuing comments from a variety of people:
When Characters Breathe Their Last

If you're in need of some very quick culture, click here:
You should be able to enjoy a line (or 3) of Shakespeare, or even send it to a friend!

Like it sounds, here's a way to check yourself:
SparkNotes quiz

And a link to the Minnesota Shakespeare Project's production of King Lear (& you were wondering how I was going to work my favorite state into this the supplementary materials on this text, weren't you?!) One note on this one--what would happen if Edmund were black? Is this meant to be a color-blind production, or are there meaningful implications to consider?

Another school's assignment--students rewrote King Lear in "street talk." What do you think of their end products?

The Office meets King Lear? A valiant, entertaining effort:

Ian McKellen as Lear -- Act 1, Scene 5: